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New pic of me. Damn camera ninjas.

Well, I'm 6'2, 175 Ibs, blue eyes, brown hair. I was born in Utah on September 17th 1982. Ok, that gets rid of the physical junk. I love video games and gaming in general. I enjoy reading fantasy books like Dragonlance. I'm fascinated by swords and I'm thinkin about taking up fencing. It all seems like an elegant dance to me. Anyway, I love music and movies like most people. I prefer to play sports than watch them. All in all I just like to be different. I like to sit in the rain because I love the rain and because people tend to look at you like you've lost your mind. I'm also crazy in love with uawildcatgrl. She's very wicked mint and spoils me far more than I deserve.

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